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The Theosophical Society in Orlando was chartered in January 1935 and has been active in the Central Florida community since that time.

Theosophical Meetings are held on the first and third Fridays at 8:00PM September through May.

The Society maintains a Lending Library, Nature Sanctuary, and Mediation Room open weekly to the public, September thru May.

The School of Theosophy, Orlando presents classes in Basic Theosophy and Meditation twice a year, in the Spring and Fall Semesters. A school catalog and class syllabus are available upon request.

Theosophy is a Perennial Wisdom which lies at the root of all religion yet is the exclusive possession of none. Members of the Society seek to promote a sense of tolerance, understanding, and universal brotherhood among all people.

The aims and objectives of the Society are purely altruistic in the highest sense. The Society does not involve itself in sectarian or political causes whatever.

Theosophy is non-dogmatic and does not promote any creed or specific belief. Rather, through Study and Meditation, and Service members attempt to gain a greater understanding of themselves and their purpose in the universe.

The Society is not authoritarian and has no clergy or leaders, other than the democratically elected officers. It promotes complete individual freedom of thought and conscience, and refers the individual back to his own conscience as the only ultimate authority in regard to spiritual and moral decisions.

The Theosophical Society in Orlando is a local branch of a national and international organization with headquarters in Chennai, India.

We invite your interest and participation in our programs.

Home Study Program 

While nothing can replace the value of personal interaction, discussion, dialogue and fellowship experienced at a

Theosophical Meeting, we realize that sometimes circumstances prevent one from being physically present with us.

In these cases you can still derive a benefit of Theosophical Study with us by participating in our Lodge Of The Air Program.

All that is required is that you send us your name, and e-mail address, and intention to participate. We will include you in our thoughts.

We will inform you of the current seasons study & text, and if available provide you with a e-link to the information.

As a participant in the Lodge Of The Air Program you can send us your questions and discussion ideas to share with the meetings.

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Grant, O Loving Kindness within us all, that those who work and study in the Lodge may never mistake numbers, praise, or publicity for success; may never seek for self; may preserve a kindly humor and go their way content to serve.

May such a Spirit of Fellowship abide as to silence all gossip and destructive criticism, so that all who enter find enduring peace, true kindliness and understanding.

So May It Be!